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2014                      Beautiful Decay, Online Publication

2013                      Cosmopolitan, Wonder Woman Article (October)

2012                      Gainesville Magazine, "Artful Oasis", Collector Interview

2011                      Art Nouvea, "Spray Can Art by Dillon Boy" Review

2010                      Kikked Magazine, Interview, Issue 5

2009                      Dirt Cheap Magazine, Issue 10

2009                      Jetcomx Online,  Interview

2008                      TIME Magazine, “Person of the Year”, Historical Art Publication (Spring)

2007                      Head to Hand, Resha Tidwell, “An Interview w/ Dillon“, review

2006                      News-Democrat, Jaime Ingle, “Familiar Faces with a Twist", review (June)

2005                      Summerlin View, Lyn Collier, “Roadside Gallery“, article (November 16)

2004                      Vegas Buzz, Jerry Wilson, “Gallery Stage Benefit“, article (October 16)

2004                      Las Vegas Tribune, Jennifer Walsh, “Where Art Thou?, “article (May 6)

2004                      Also seen in Las Vegas Weekly and What’s On Las Vegas Guide


Selected Exhibitions


2015                      Wall & Street Gallery, “Harmful if Followed”

2015                      PiQ, Print Release and Show

2014                      Civilian Clothing

2013                      Designer Con, Live painting & showcased exhibit

2013                      Las Vegas Comic Con, Live painting & showcased exhibit

2013                      Snell & Wilmer Law Offices, showcased exhibit

2013                      Paint the Town, Auction Benefiting AFAN Aid For Aids of Nevada

2013                      Gallery 13, Artwork in TV Show,

2013                      Pinup Pointe Gallery, Las Vegas, Solo Exhibit

2012                      Amanda Harris Gallery, "Pop, Locked, And Loaded" September                 

2012                      Sugar Factory, The Paris Hotel & Casino, Murals and Merchandise

2012                      The Box Office, Las Vegas, "Apopalypse"

2012                      Street Smart, Norway, Showcased Exhibit

2010                      La Perla Cafe, Pordenone, Italy, Live DJ & showcased exhibit

2010                      WeEST, Pordenone, Italy, Live DJ & showcased exhibit

2009                      ERA Lounge, Pordenone, Italy, Live DJ & showcased exhibit

2009                      Osteria Antico Burchiello, Pordenone, Italy, 2009 – Live band & showcased exhibit

2008                      DOIMO, Via Pordenone, 4, 33081, Aviano, Italy, Live painting & showcased exhibit

2008                      Cafe Nuove, Via Mazzini, 1, 33170, Pordenone, Italy, Live painting & showcased exhibit

2008                      Art in the Vineyard, Aviano, Italy, Live painting & showcased exhibit

2008                      Primavera Bazaar, Aviano, Italy, Live painting & showcased exhibit

2008                      Art & Luciano Bessich Wine Show, Aviano, Italy, Friuli Region: “Wine in the Vineyard”

2007                      Primavera Bazaar, Aviano, Italy, Live painting & showcased exhibit

2007                      The Viator Foundation, Las Vegas, NV, Artwork Donation titled, “Glitz & Glamour”

2006                      The Governor French Academy, Belleville, IL, Live painting & showcased exhibit “An Evening with the Artist”

2006                      Fusion Street Festival, Belleville, IL, 2006 – Live painting & showcased exhibit, “Art & Wine Walk”

2006                      The Viator Foundation, Las Vegas, NV, 2006 – Artwork Donation titled, “La Dolce Vita”

2006                      Gallerie M, Manchester, MO, 2006 – Live painting & showcased exhibit

2006                      Broadway Center of Arts, Belleville, IL, 2006 – Live painting & showcased exhibit

2005                      Las Vegas Centennial, Las Vegas, NV, 2005-2007 – Two large murals on I-95 recognizing Las Vegas’ Centennial year

2005                      Art From The Heart, Las Vegas, NV,

2005                      Las Vegas Gallery, Las Vegas, NV,


Donations & Events


Published illustrated book titled “An American Artist in Italy
Designer & Illustrator for the U.S. Air Force.
In 2005, celebrating The Las Vegas Centennial, Dillon was chosen by the city of Las Vegas to create a collection of murals to be displayed on the sound walls of the I-95 Freeway in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Created portrait for Mayor Oscar Goodman of Las Vegas in observance to the city’s Centennial year. The meeting with the Mayor led directly to painting for the city.
Painted live on the Las Vegas Strip in front of audiences.
Joined The Gallery Las Vegas in support of the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation by painting a rendition of Mona Lisa live. Among the 300 guest were celebrities such as Robin Leach, Bill Acosta, News Channel 5, as well as entertainment by master guitarist Robby Leblanc. Donated artwork titled, “The Kiss Denied” for silent auction to benefit Hospice.
Commissioned to paint a large scale mural live at the 2006 Coors Light Convention in the Rio Hotel & Casino.
Commissioned to design and paint Italian themed landscape for a charity driven, members only organization St. Viator Foundation for auction. The painting raised $1,000.
Painted live at the Fusion Street Festival in historic Downtown Belleville, IL.
Delivered portrait of two-term Governor Jane D. Hull to the Arizona Office.
Created portrait of deceased rock musician, Kurt Cobain (front man of NIRVANA) for Arizona State Fair. Dillon used crayons as his medium


Private Collections


Actor/Comedian Robin Williams

Actor/Stuntman Wee-Man from Jackass